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Are beeping in unison, creating a magnificent movement the enthronement ceremony was extremely cumbersome first, the minister of the ministry of rites led a group of officials to offer.

Thick eyebrows, highlighting her heroic vigor she was originally a cold and noble woman, but now she was wearing a twelve pronged garment and a twelve pronged crown on her head, giving.

Highness, the time has come huaiqing said yes , surrounded by court ladies and eunuchs, left the east palace, and headed to the jinluan hall amidst the sound of magnificent bells and.

Resplendent and What Is Cbd Gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies near me magnificent hall what flashed through her mind was yuan jing, who was suspicious by nature and could not keanu reeves cbd gummies tolerate a talented heir taking power wei yuan, a great countryman.

The meridian gate, crossed the jinshui bridge, and stood in an orderly manner on both sides of the royal road according to their official positions afterwards, qian qingshu, a scholar of.

Over to the secretary of the ministry of rites, put it on a cloud disk, and sent it to the eunuch in charge of rites the supervisor of ceremonies in a red python robe palm printed the.

Eunuch, took the cloud disk with his bow, and read out the imperial edict to all the officials zhao said in the past emperor gaozu, the dragon flew to jihe river, flooded the district.

Great zhou, and restored the peace of the world in six hundred years, the world has been peaceful, and the brilliant achievements have been restored to the emperor brother yongxing, with.

The capital of the common people, heir to the great cause, unfilial in nature, weak and weak, disrespecting the ancestors at the top, not loving the people at the bottom, flattering the.

Qianli following everyone s request, the emperor will take the throne on january 17th, and the year name will be huaiqing the great ceremony is completed, and it is appropriate cbd oil and hep c to carry.

Colored long dress, what is delta 8 cbd gummies stood on the edge of the gossip table and gently took off the bracelet on her right wrist the wind blew up her skirt and black hair, she keanu reeves cbd gummies was as graceful as a fairy in.

Eyes, the seeds of life overflowed from her body and fluttered with the wind floating across the river, the willows on the riverside sprout floating across the courtyard, the courtyard is.

Colorful floating across the streets and alleys, the vegetation grows wildly, and the flowers bloom in an instant looking down from a high altitude, you can see the colorful colors.

Ascended the throne the flowers in the capital bloom in an instant, the fragrance is ten miles deep, and the sky is auspicious the people in the capital are ecstatic what is not recorded.

You to advance to the second rank, we will be cleared if you force me again, I will become a monk xu qi an also couldn t tell if she was arrogant, or if she was unforgettable at the first.

Me, I will become a cbd oil hemp balm monk mu nanzhi shook her head quickly, and spat shameless she lay limp on her side on the bed, kicked her feet weakly a few times, as if she wanted to kick off the.

Nobles and nobles, and you are full of scholars mo dao confucianism is wrong, reading is worthy of others when mu nanzhi woke up, it was already dark, and the room was pitch black.

Bath by herself, her anger level goes up after putting keanu reeves cbd gummies on her dress, she groped to the table and lit a candle, dispelling the darkness the room was quiet, bai ji was not there, the broken.

Must have a way to make up for the disparity in combat power between the two sides the hammer of chaos is related to the number of qi, hillstone hemp cbd gummies near me Cbd Melatonin Gummies and it can be enlightened the more logical the.

Yuanzhen s method of cultivating the mind to mobilize the power of sentient beings to defend against the enemy when the common people are passionate it stands to reason that I have.

Asked again xu qi an was stunned for a moment it s hard to say, mobilizing the power of sentient beings is the authority of the destiny master, xu pingfeng may not have a deep.

Fingers, and sang in a shrill voice sister lin fell into the world this time it s an actor s fate, I haven t heard the song before, it s so nice zhong li silently admired xu qi an s.

S pupils dilated, then he staggered 10 Mg Cbd Gummies keanu reeves cbd gummies and knelt down on the ground, crying female bodhisattva, do a good job, and give me some silver beggar s fate zhong li raised the hammer and dropped it.

More and more times, faster and faster, until finally, the hammer was so fast that it looked like an afterimage xu qi an sat blankly, his pupils were loose and out of focus at this.

Capital was shrouded in darkness, only a few areas were lit with candles the .

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capital city is silent in the dark night, but in xu qi an s eyes, it is lively, wonderful, sad, sinful, and.

Collective power of the people and common people swarmed in this power does not belong to qi mechanism, spiritual power, or spiritual power, but it contains the joy, anger, sorrow, joy.

All living beings swarmed in, and xu qi an gathered this power in his body like a sea of rivers in the observatory tower, except for mu nanzhi and sun xuanji, all the sorcerers prostrated.

Themselves on the ground, as keanu reeves cbd gummies if facing tianwei qingzhou in the middle of the night, ge wenxuan knocked on ji xuan s door with a solemn expression I can t get in touch with mr ji yuan ge.

Wenxuan didn t exchange any pleasantries, and went straight to the point ji xuan s face suddenly changed mr ji yuan and I keep in touch every two days, not is cbd gummies addictive keanu reeves cbd gummies only cbd oil rollerball to report safety, but also.

Situation is that something happened to him after speaking, his eyes sharpened suddenly his intuition told him that the matter happened to xu qi an ge wenxuan thought for a while and said.

In hillstone hemp cbd gummies near me Cbd Melatonin Gummies the military, and all senior officials in the military must participate sweet dreams cbd gummies three your majesty, I want to go to qingzhou tomorrow to find out the shark tank cbd gummies realities of the rebels in yunzhou, and.

Formally challenge xu pingfeng by the way xu qi an, who has mastered the power of all beings, sent this message in the dishu chat group xu qi an s idea was that before the two sides.

An upright chess player from a container that was like an ant at the beginning roll on cbd oil for anxiety otherwise, xu qi an s heart would be hard to calm down huaiqing hadn t replied yet, li miaozhen, who was the.

Surprise three surprise which aspect tiandihui members except for lina, who slept so well and couldn t wake up, the other members looked at the content of the biography between the two.

Imperial court keanu reeves cbd gummies is operating normally, and the people s will is what they want bang the small jade mirror in chu yuanzhen s hand fell to the ground huaiqing, ascended the throne and.

The news and felt that his brain had encountered an unbearable storm so much so that the fragments of the book in his hand fell off keanu reeves cbd gummies ah the eldest princess huaiqing ascended the throne the.

Holy son li lingsu was taken aback, but as a disciple of tianzong, he never learned the three cardinal guides and five constant rules although I was shocked in my heart, I would not have.

Accomplishment than princesses, princesses, or even the masters of the sect li lingsu felt a sour taste in her heart no, you can t let me suffer alone, I m going to find brother yang.

That the situation in the capital had stabilized, he gave up the idea of returning to the capital to help the monks have long since lost their worldly desires, and master hengyuan doesn t.

Concealed before seeing li miaozhen passing the letter, the members of the tiandihui felt emotionally, after the prison was sealed, xu ningyan has become cbd oil neuropathy a big figure in charge of the.

And reach a compromise of interests with the princes there are too many ambitious people in the capital if it wasn t for huaiqing who could quickly stabilize the situation and let those.

Guys restrain their minions and continue to surrender, it is very likely that dafeng would collapse nine you can keanu reeves cbd gummies be enthroned and proclaim the emperor, and I have solved a doubt in my.

Long time ago that she would be emperor li miaozhen s words successfully diverted everyone s attention, including huaiqing herself nine I am not a supervisor, how can I be a prophet well.

Everyone what is group this doubt flashed in everyone s mind, but they didn t pass the book to ask, and stared at the book on the ground three I want to take this opportunity to hunt hei.

According to the book, zhao state was attacked by wei state, and zhao state s cbd vs thc oil allies went to attack wei state, thus saving zhao state my idea is that we can attack the dizong main altar.

Feasible as soon as li miaozhen finished speaking, huaiqing voted for it are you finding fault, do you think being an emperor is a big deal li miaozhen was furious, and just as she was.

Doubts, hesitating to send the letter you oh, I see, the taoist leader will join the battle the head of the dao that renzong s Cbd For Sleep Gummies keanu reeves cbd gummies disciples spoke of was of course luo yuheng if luo yuheng.

No problem six the poor monk has no problem dealing with a few fourth grades when necessary, he can summon relics li lingsu made a wave of versailles miaozhen and I teamed up and can.

Fight three or four fourth rank players tianzong has a secret method of combined attack seven what about number eight, what is your cultivation what is your cultivation level on the.

Afraid it s embarrassing, after all, our heaven and earth society has an average of four ranks per person, and there are two extraordinary li miaozhen, li lingsu, chu yuanzhen and others.

Yunzhou, and also strengthen the morale of my daofeng army kill three birds with one stone and for xu qi an, cbd 25mg gummies this was his first step to take revenge on his biological father chu yuanzhen.

The plan to besiege heilian is asuro luo yuheng s catastrophe is imminent, and she can take occasional shots, but the intensity of the extraordinary battle will unbalance the karmic fire.

Know the existence of asuro at allxu qi an was thinking about the loopholes in the plan to fill in the gaps except daoist jinlian, him and huaiqing, no one knew that asuro was no 8 asuro.

Who is two plus three plus two, is the main force to besiege and kill hei lian this time even if he fights alone, asuro can kill hei lian alone what s more, there is daoist jinlian to.

At the graceful back of the flower god lying on his side on the bed, xu qi an s head swelled slightly nanzhi just about to speak, mu nanzhi responded quickly roll in a secluded valley.

Happy, and its tail was wagging happily suddenly, the door of the thatched hut was .

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pushed open, and the graceful taoist priest bailian brought in a beautiful and beautiful girl the big.

And small beauties first glanced at daoist jinlian, and then their attention was attracted by the orange cat s wagging dog cbd oil petsmart tail the orange cat s tail slowly stiffened, and it didn t move for.

Time, including physical desires, killing desires, and so on in terms of killing, the demonic dao of the dizong will not slaughter the people in the surrounding lands rabbits don t eat.

Grass beside their nests but in terms of psychology, di zong s demons often go down the mountain to plunder and abuse women they don t go to places like brothels and brothels, because.

Recalling, and said almost a month priest jin lian thought about cbd gummies 500mg of cbd it if the cultivation base is weak, it will take about ten days to vent their malice the fourth rank can endure the.

Corruption of evil thoughts for half a month, but absolutely cannot .

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keanu reeves cbd gummies

hillstone hemp cbd gummies near me Vegan Cbd Gummy Cbd Gummies Amazon keanu reeves cbd gummies Fakultas Hukum. bear it for a month half a month ago, what happened after thinking about it for a while, daoist keanu reeves cbd gummies jin lian understood the.

At the orange cat, and said then don t disturb senior brother jinlian s cultivation after all, he left with a flower qiu chanyi from dizong when the beauties left the hut, priest bailian.

Bloomed with a sweet smile master uncle bailian, keanu reeves cbd gummies I can already get out of my body the sixth rank of the taoist sect, the realm of yin and god cbd oil for dogs joint pain it has to be said that troubled times are a.

Take a certain amount of merit to eliminate it of course, there are causes and Fakultas Hukum keanu reeves cbd gummies effects that cannot be eliminated, such as a taoist priest who fell in love with an orange cat, bewitching.

The king, and causing chaos to the court by the way, why is there a cat in master jinlian s room he was possessed by the cat just now, right qiu chanyi didn t dare to ask just now priest.

With emotion xu yinluo is young and flirtatious, it s really admirable a series of question marks flashed in daoist bailian s mind keanu reeves cbd gummies at this time, qiu chanyi had already briskly ran away.

Dresses then he put the scorpion head resting on his right shoulder on the soft pillow, then he lifted the quilt, rolled over lan lan and ding hanxiu, and successfully got out of bed.

Extremely fast first forbid female sex for half a month, exercise his body every day, and then supplement it with pills for qi training, and enter the eighth rank qi training state within.

Meters away brothers and sisters, one lives in the east room and the other lives in the west room as soon as li lingsu entered the yard, the door of the east room opened automatically.

Qianhuan practiced harder li lingsu had already gotten used to his way of speaking, and said I came here late at night to ask brother yang for help, and you have to take care of this.

Matter yang qianhuan likes to deal with li lingsu very much, because he is a talent and cheapest cbd gummies he speaks nicely but it s okay to keanu reeves cbd gummies Cbd Sleep Aid say to live, I want to hunt a big enemy with a few companions, i.

Jinlian is not weak, and has xu pingfeng and chaofan as allies it is not an enemy that can be slaughtered at will, so a panacea spell that can both escape and hunt down teleportation it.

Lingsu brewed for a while huaiqing has ascended the throne and proclaimed himself emperor yang qianhuan said in astonishment what kind of emperor is she as a woman, but it s quite.

Interesting in the six hundred years since the founding of dafeng, there has never been a woman proclaiming emperor his highness huaiqing is well known in history this made .

yang qianhuan.

Qianhuan s body crooked, leaning against the wall weakly, like a poor man who fainted after hearing the bad news brother yang, are you okay li lingsu was taken aback seeing his reaction.

You are still foolishly nesting at home and waiting for the enemy to come to your door nine pindao believes that they should be in qingzhou or yunzhou xu qi an, a young expert in.

Reasoning, gave a further conclusion three I think it is where can i purchase cbd gummies in qingzhou the cultivation base of the earth sect s demon path is not weak, and it can a commercial driver use cbd oil is an extremely impressive force it was.

Impossible for xu pingfeng to leave them idle in the base camp of yunzhou and for the demons, areas full of killing and chaos are their paradise the transfer speed is quite fast chu.

Yuanzhen silently erased his own inferences, the same inferences as xu qian yes, definitely not in yunzhou li miaozhen also erased the biography of I am very familiar with yunzhou and.

Changed it to two this is troublesome, qingzhou is so big, .

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it is too difficult to find them moreover, our strategy of besieging wei and saving zhao will not work one no, this doesn t.

Jinlian asked nine how to say keanu reeves cbd gummies one I can find out the location of the dizong demon dao in a short period of time, and it won t take too long after finding out the whereabouts 10 Mg Cbd Gummies keanu reeves cbd gummies of dizong.

Two first ranks, jialuoshu and baidi, and xu pingfeng is probably already refining qingzhou luck, even if he has not completely refined it, he will still get the bonus of luck the three.

A good plan going deep into the enemy s camp is too dangerous you might as well use the yunzhou mission to anger the yunzhou army, let them attack yongzhou proactively, and lure the snake.

Hall qi guangbo in military uniform stepped into the lobby, took off his helmet and put it on the table, looking calmly at cbd oil for lubrication the seats on both sides ji xuan, ge wenxuan, zhuo haoran, etc.

Breath and said in a deep voice I have lost contact with mr ji yuan I don t know if I am alive or dead qi guangbo built the coffin and concluded I personally let the vermilion bird army.

Sneak into yongzhou last night, and received news from the capital that the peace negotiation plan failed between the capital of qingzhou, there is a yongzhou it s not too far away, but.

Afraid of death, let s fight when we enter the capital, the little emperor will have to kneel down and cry for mercy ever since jianzheng was sealed and occupied qingzhou, the morale of.

The yunzhou army has climbed to the peak, and even swelled for a while, thinking that it is a matter of time before the capital is conquered and the central plains is taken over when.

Talking about the dafeng court, there is a lot of disdain in the words, with an attitude of overlooking therefore, in the eyes of all the generals, the negotiation was completely alms and.

The generals of the yunzhou military, who were still agitated and clamoring a moment ago, lost their voices collectively after hearing qi guangbo s words, and looked at each other with.

As he leaves the capital, the empress might be given poisoned wine or die in the palace for no reason zhuo haoran sneered as a bloodthirsty butcher, women are like playthings in his eyes.

And they deserve to sit on the dragon chair yang chuannan shook his head and laughed as a result, the hearts of the people in the capital are fluctuating, and I m afraid it will be more.

The other generals laughed, some ridiculed, some disdainful, some ridiculed, but they didn t care so much about the failure of the peace negotiation ji xuan and ge wenxuan looked at each.

Silent the smiles on the faces of the generals disappeared, and they looked at each other silently, wanting to see the reaction of their colleagues ge wenxuan said he forced yongxing to.

Abdicate in order to support a puppet to be the emperor, so that he would have no worries but since it is a puppet, wouldn t it keanu reeves cbd gummies be better to choose an ignorant child why did he take such.

A risky move keanu reeves cbd gummies and support a woman to be in power someone said hey the empress must be as beautiful as a flower, and she may already be the concubine of xu 10 Mg Cbd Gummies keanu reeves cbd gummies qi an it is well known that xu qi.

Use the refined qi to mobilize the power of all living beings when the luck is strong enough to a certain level, and a qualitative change occurs, you can be promoted to a destiny master.

From qi guangbo xu pingfeng read the contents of the note, thought for a while, and wiped the paper with .

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his fingertips the black writing disappeared and turned into a single word can he.

In the room was as hot as midsummer, and the bodhisattva gala tree sat cross legged, his neck was no longer empty, and his head .

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had been regenerated the peace negotiation failed xu.

Pingfeng laughed gala high grade cbd oil tree bodhisattva opened his eyes, his serious face showed hona cbd gummies amazon best cbd oil for nerve pain no other expressions, and said slowly the supervisor really stayed behind however, what kind of cards will.

Not be because you have confidence, if you are desperate, you will die even if mr jianzheng kept his hole card, it is impossible for him to be directly promoted to the first rank it is.

Nothing more than 10 Mg Cbd Gummies keanu reeves cbd gummies a means to increase his combat power, and luo yuheng is about to cross the tribulation, promote to the first rank, and equalize part of his combat power it gave him some.

Suddenly woke up, broke free from the immersive reading, silently shrank behind sun xuan s body, and said tremblingly keoni cbd gummies cost cbd oil supplier uk please give me a chance sun xuanji unfolded the kit, glanced at it.

Mind reading ability was advanced, and he could see through xu yinluo s thoughts even if he didn t restrain his thoughts for a while, I didn t know whether to be happy or sad as soon as.

The small courtyard, separated by a wall quietly leaving xu qi an used the heavenly gu s ability of moving stars and changing battles to shield his breath, going back and forth from.

To threaten and intimidate her well, anyway, it s none of my business it s popular these days for sisters to scroll inwardly, huashen scrolls to guoshi, huaiqing scrolls to lin an.

Around and walk away the national teacher and the flower god frowned together, and said tentatively xu qi an the orange cat came back to his senses, gave a source organic cbd oil for dogs cute meow and continued to walk.

Really powerful the members of the tiandihui feel emotional nine alright, then follow the plan, everyone, let s find a place to meet up three let s meet in the underground palace outside.

Should be able to see us there where are you on the eighth if it s not far away, we can pick you up from yujian asuro .

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s biography refused no, it s not too far away, I m already in the.

Qi an put away the fragments of the book, melted into the shadows, and returned to the house candlelight is like beans mu nanzhi hugged bai ji, and sat at the table to read the picture.

Shadow began to slow down, slowly hovering over the mountainside, the entrance of a robbery cave looks like I m the first to arrive chu yuanzhen looked around and saw no members of the.

The long distance trek, so he came all the way running hundreds of miles overnight fully demonstrated the super endurance of the monk master hengyuan, it seems that you are not far from.

Rank chu yuanzhen pondered for a while, and said calmly if it s just that my combat strength is comparable to that of the third rank, then I can become extraordinary within three months.

I m talking about this, there s one thing I m quite surprised about among the major systems in the world, dao zun is the master of the daoist system although the sorcerer god created the.

Similarity chu yuanzhen held the sword in front of his knee, touched the spine of the sword, and corrected master hengyuan, what I want to say is that among the major systems today, only.

Cloak, held a silver spear in his hand, and tied a high ponytail, looking heroic li miaozhen resumed her attire when she suppressed bandits in yunzhou, 10 Mg Cbd Gummies keanu reeves cbd gummies a heroic female general red robe.

The ground, summoned the pagoda of the buddha, and released bai ji you stay here with her, I m Fakultas Hukum keanu reeves cbd gummies out on business xu qi an patted the fox cub on the head and ordered bai ji stood on the edge.

Of the bed, looked at mu nanzhi s back lying on her side with dark eyes, and hummed softly spineless she clearly said that she would ignore him, but xu yinluo stalked him, kissed and.

Stroll in the city, or go to xu s mansion for a while but don t expose the relationship between us, or you will be punched by lingyue and your aunt xu qi an turned into a shadow does cbd oil give you energy and.

And chu yuanzhen were here brother chu, master hengyuan instead of saluting, she clasped her fists together after the three of them greeted each other, they waited patiently in less than.

Sip of wine, and raised a topic that everyone was more interested in does anyone know the identity of no 8 is it male or female I ll find out later li miaozhen glanced at his senior.

Confidante friends who sing and sing every night how can he be the kind of anxious person who has never seen a woman before not far away, yang qianhuan defended his brother the three of.

S cultivation should not be too high daoist jin lian would not give fragments of the book from the earth to those who were too high ranking this has no training value and is difficult to.

Control, so the future he chooses is expected to become a potential stock for one of the lords judging from this point, when no 8 got the fragments of the book from the ground, like.

Shadow, a blush appeared on her tender cheeks, and said angrily why are you keanu reeves cbd gummies Cbd Sleep Aid hiding in my shadow getting out from the shadow of a beautiful girl is better than getting into the shadow of a.

Rough man xu qi an turned to look at yang qianhuan keanu reeves cbd gummies senior brother yang is here too yang qianhuan gave an um and said in a nonchalant tone of casual chat I heard that you helped the eldest.

Princess become the throne well done ming ming hit his head against the wall with envy li lingsu cursed in his heart, then, he looked up at the sky and said it .

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keanu reeves cbd gummies

How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last hillstone hemp cbd gummies near me, keanu reeves cbd gummies Cbd For Sleep Does Cbd Help With Sleep. s mao time, why hasn t no 8.

A red and yellow cassock with rosary beads hanging around his neck he has an ugly appearance, with protruding browbones and hidden sharp eyes amidst the ugliness, it also gives off a.

Sense of heroism when li lingsu saw a figure far taller than ordinary humans, he knew that no 8 could not be the high quality beauty he had imagined, and was a little disappointed and.

Relationship between king shura, asura, and the nine tailed sky fox in southern border, I will add a lot of beaks it was a little embarrassing to know that no 8 was actually from the.

Shura clan all of a sudden that s good after confirming that it was a friend and not an enemy, li lingsu picked up the wine jar and said I have also dealt with the shura clan a few times.

And you are the most special shura clan I have ever seen sura vajra dufan, king shura, and his youngest son asura have all become the hillstone hemp cbd gummies near me Cbd Melatonin Gummies most devout believers in buddhism na dufan king kong.

Between the fifth and fourth ranks but there is something special about it after li lingsu finished speaking, he took a sip of wine and asked again by the way, I don t know your name yet.

And stammered ah, what asuro didn t change his face, and repeated asuro the holy son stammered what, what su luo asuro answered patiently asuro the holy son swallowed his saliva ahello.

There was a chi sound at the back of the head, and a scorching fire ring was ignited the high temperature dispelled the cold, and the surrounding area entered a scorching midsummer bang.

Their eyes were straightened, and they stared blankly at asuro who showed his golden body hell, number eight is asuro the second rank and third rank vajra of buddhism, asura who.

Maiden li miaozhen, and chu yuanzhen one by one, and said with a smile my family s ugliness made everyone laugh the scene suddenly fell into dead silence li miaozhen s face turned red.

She turned her head away in embarrassment, pretending to look around chu yuanzhen lowered his head and unconsciously dug the ground with his feet the corners of li lingsu s mouth.

Twitched, forcing himself to put on an awkward yet keanu reeves cbd gummies polite smile it s too embarrassing, it s too embarrassing the three of them roared in their hearts, and their primordial spirit was.

Away the cracked corners of his mouth and the protruding apple asuro looked at the members of the tiandihui who had collectively lost their voices and fell into an unspeakable.

Qianhuan deliberately brought a spell to shield the breath, and xu qi an added another insurance shifting stars to change buckets in the night sky, li miaozhen, chu yuanzhen and li lingsu.

Three of them secretly swear in their hearts xunzhou is the largest city on the border of yongzhou there is a canal in the south of the city that connects the capital in the north and.

Yuzhou in the south this made xunzhou What Is Cbd Gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies near me an important business and transportation hub in yongzhou, as well as a battleground between the two armies keanu reeves cbd gummies after retreating to yongzhou, yang gong.

Faction the contradiction in strategic goals makes yang gong worry about handing over the rear to yao hong, and maybe one day he will send you out of food and reinforcements as a scholar.

Peace talks to the capital afterwards, yongxing and zhugong agreed to negotiate a peace, and yang gong returned to xunzhou in a rage, and began to do city defense work, preparing for the.

Not bad, and the root cause of the disease will not be left li mubai said when yang gong heard this, he immediately felt relieved after being stabbed by a fourth rank master, he was able.

Tianjian for protection otherwise, the mere seventh rank benevolent person may not even have a chance to be rescued and die on the spot with xu resigning from his old official position.

War it stands to reason that yongzhou would not be attacked so soon the three left the barracks immediately, climbed up the city wall with other soldiers, and waited in full force the sun.

Gradually rose and climbed from the east to the top of the head finally, the defenders who were watching from the top of the city, a black army appeared at the end of the horizon the guns.

The city wall of dongling, and the terrifying strongman who killed jianzheng these god like characters, in fact, they can compete on the other hand, there is not a single superpower in.